July 27-30, 2017 ~ Asheville Yoga Festival

Asheville Yoga Festival AYF_Post2

Set in downtown Asheville, in the heart of the ancient and mystical Appalachian Mountains, the Asheville Yoga Festival is a space for connection, self-reflection, adventure, play, relaxation and healing.

Join Jessica Jollie, the Presence Project and several other esteemed yoga teachers from around the country for this life-giving weekend yoga experience in the mountains!!

Jessica will be presenting two workshops at this year’s festival ::

  • Friday, July 28 @ 8-10am // Music in Yoga: It’s More Than What Meets the Ear // Come find out how important music really is when it is applied to your practice and your life! In this workshop we will explore music’s effects on the subtle body. In addition to the instructor, two guest musicians will explain how the tonal qualities of sound relate to each chakra. Together we will design a physically and emotionally balancing vinyasa practice that will apply this groundwork information. This experience will be a valuable tool for teachers and any professionals who use music as a part of their work.
  • Sunday, July 30 @ 10:30-12:30pm // Mapping our Paths with the Niyamas // Have you ever looked at your choices and actions in life as a Ritual? How do your everyday routines relate to a Yogic Lifestyle? Throughout this non-judgmental workshop we will draw from the suggestions of the Niyamas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. These classical writings will help us to map out visions of the life in which we are yearning to live. No Yogis will be left behind throughout the physical offerings of this practice. You can expect an centering exercise for clarity, a look at balancing for courage, and an open hearted closing sequence to lead us into meditation. Most importantly, you will step forward from this practice with a invaluable souvenir. A map that holds your intentions for a more meaningful life!

DATES :: July 27-30,2017

PRICING :: Visit for www.ashevilleyogafestival.com for all pricing information + registration.