March 31, 2012 ~ Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop while Discussing the 8 Facets of Yoga in Knoxville

Saturday, March 31st from 3-5 ~ I would love to have you in my 2 hour workshop on Arm Balances & Inversions while discussing the 8 Facets of Yoga at The Glowing Body.

I am really looking forward to teaching this workshop and the experience is open to all levels. I will guide you through a Warm Vinyasa Sequence that will prepare your entire being for Arm Balances and Inversions.  I will teach you specific techniques and tools for positioning yourself for these postures. Through the 8 Facets of Yoga, we will also explore why we practice these empowering asanas on deeper levels beyond the physical.

The cost of the workshop is $35 and I hope to see many yogis I know from the Knoxville Yoga Community and as always I am looking forward to making many new friends!

Go to to reserve your space!