May 2, 2017 ~ Need Community? Find the Mini Blue Zones

Jessica Jollie, MA Counseling, Owner + Director of Passion at Yoga Landing, LLC is convinced that her Yoga studio formed community by embracing the same qualities as a Blue Zone. Blue Zones have been studied and declared as the healthiest communities on the planet. Interestingly, what these people are doing to live healthier and longer lives than most is very much aligned with the philosophies and lifestyle suggestions taught in a progressive community atmosphere, such as Yoga Landing.

Join Jessica for this “Talk Shop Tuesday” lunch with Co.Lab and take an opportunity to consider your personal connections to community and how they may be supporting not only your longevity, but more importantly your latitude.

DATE + TIME :: Tuesday, May 2 @ 12-1pm

LOCATION :: Miller Plaza Pavillion on Market Street. Event hosted by Co.Lab // CO.LAB: Increasing the viability of startups in the Southeast by connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need. // @thecompanylab