September 30, 2017 ~ Southern Bend Yoga Festival

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, join hundreds of your soon to be closest friends in a powerful practice of unity and breath. UnknownThe Southern Bend Festival aims at uniting the Chattanooga community in joyful celebration of healthy living through mindful movement. Featuring unique sessions lead by the masterful teachings of nationally acclaimed yogis who offer up their wisdom and light to guide you through a wondrous experience.

I’m excited to be offering two workshops during this year’s festival!

10:00-11:15am // Vinyasa for Visionaries with the Presence Project Let’s come together and unite as a community of explorers! We will navigate this breath-centered practice toward a clearer vision of ourselves and the path in which we desire to embark. Along the way we will embrace the yogic tools of Mudras, Bandhas and Energetic Alignment to internally expand our awareness of our subtle bodies allowing inner wisdom to arise and flourish. Class is accompanied by music from The Presence Project featuring local musicians Jeff Joyner and Dan Pinson.

2:00-3:00pm // Need Community? Find the Local Blue Zones. Jessica Jollie, MA Counseling, Owner + Director of Passion at Yoga Landing, LLC is convinced that her Yoga studio formed community by embracing the same qualities as a Blue Zone. Blue Zones have been studied and declared as the healthiest communities on the planet. Interestingly, what these people are doing to live healthier and longer lives than most is very much aligned with the philosophies and lifestyle suggestions taught in a progressive community atmosphere, such as Yoga Landing. Join Jessica for this interactive discussion and take an opportunity to consider your personal connections to community and how they may be supporting not only your longevity, but more importantly your latitude.